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How to Edit Customer Accounts in Magento 2

Customers register with you and create accounts on your ecommerce website. You can derive more insights from the transactions done through the customer accounts. It is crucial to know how to manage and edit customer accounts details in case of escalations.

This is the second part of our two-part tutorial series on how to manage customer accounts in Magento 2.

Previously we discussed how to perform bulk actions on a list of customer accounts.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to edit customer accounts in Magento 2.

You can edit a customer account:

Using Quick Action Buttons to Edit Customer Accounts

Step 1: Go to Customers => All Customers

All Customers submenu

You’ll be displayed the Customers page, where you can see a list of all the customers registered on your ecommerce website.

Customers page

Step 2: Click on Edit button for the customer account you want to edit.

Edit individually

You’ll be displayed the customer account page –

Customer account page

Step 3: You can make quick changes to the customer account from the Actions list on the top of the page. Here’s a list of all the quick actions you can take –

  • Delete Customer: Click to delete the customer account.
  • Reset: Click to reset all the changes you’ve made to the customer account after opening the customer account in edit mode.
  • Create Order: Click to create an order for the customer account being edited.Create order for customer accountClick on Add Products button to add products to the order. You can make changes to the billing and shipping addresses. You can even set payment and shipping methods.Once you’re done creating the order, click on Submit Order button.
  • Reset Password: Click to reset the password of the customer account.Reset password confirmation
  • Force Sign-In: Click to revoke customer’s tokens and make them sign-in again into their account.Force sign-in revoke customer token request

Editing Customer Accounts Individually

To edit customer accounts individually, repeat Step 1 and Step 2 from the previous section, then follow these steps –

Step 3: You can edit the following details from the Custom Information left sidebar:

  • Customer View: You can see customer’s personal information in this section –Customer View sectionYou can only see information in this section. To edit personal information of the customer click on Account Information.
    • Last Logged In: Last time the customer logged in
    • Account Lock: Whether the account is locked or unlocked. Magento locks the customer account after a number of failed login attempts.
    • Confirmed Email: You can see if the account has a verified email or not.
    • Account Created: You can see the date when customer account was created.
    • Account Created In: You can see which storeview the account was created in.
    • Customer Group: You can see which customer group the account is assigned to.
  • Account Information: Here you can edit the following personal information of the customer –Account Information section
  • Addresses: Click on Addresses to edit the billing and shipping addresses of customer account –Addresses Section
  • Orders: You can see a list of all the orders placed by this customer. You can even “Reorder” the products right from this section –Orders section
  • Billing Agreements: When customers use payment services like PayPal, they enter into a billing agreement with the payment service provider. So when they check out by selecting PayPal, PayPal identifies the customer through their unique id and proceeds with the payment.

    This section shows which billing agreements have the customer entered into.

  • Newsletter: You can see if the customer has subscribed to your newsletter list or not.
  • Product Reviews: You can see if the customer has submitted any product reviews on your website.
  • Wish List: You can see which products the customer has added to their wishlist. You can even see how many days ago they added the product to the wishlist. This way you can create an offer tailored to your customers’ wishlists.

Step 4: Once you’ve made the desired changes, click on Save Customer button in the top right corner of the page. You’ll be displayed a confirmation message when Magento finishes saving the edited customer information.

Edit Customer changes savedThis brings to the end of our tutorial series on how to manage customer accounts in Magento 2.

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