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How to Perform Rollback in Magento 2

It might happen that something went wrong and your store is causing an impact on your business. If you’ve created a backup previously, you might want to rollback to a more stable version of your store configuration.

We’ve previously discussed how to create a backup for your Magento 2 store and how to schedule backups. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to perform a rollback in Magento 2.

Performing a Rollback in Magento 2

Step 1: To perform a rollback to a previously backed up store configuration, go to System => Backups (under Tools).

Step 2: Click on Rollback button for the backup you want to rollback to.

Step 3: Click the Ok button to go to configure rollback settings.

  • User Password: Type in your password here.
  • Maintenance mode: Check this box to put your store in maintenance mode during the rollback process.
  • FTP: Check this box if you want to use FTP connection for rollback. You’ll have to specify the following details if you’re using FTP connection:
    • FTP Host
    • FTP Login
    • FTP Password
    • Magento root directory

Step 4: Once you’re done setting up the rollback, click on the Ok button to start the rollback process.

Rollback processing - Please Wait

When Magento finishes the rollback, you’ll be asked to log in again into your Magento admin area.

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